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Whether you are seeking a tandem skydive near Charlotte or sky diving training in North Carolina, Skydiving Over Charlotte makes sure that you will have the experience of a lifetime! No other skydiving company affords more options for your sky dive in Charlotte, North Carolina!

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Tandem Skydiving in Charlotte

First-Time Sky Diving Adventures

Tandem sky diving is the perfect beginning to this adrenaline-filled sport! Join us here at Skydiving Over Charlotte for the most incredible ways to experience the fun and elation of complete freefall skydiving over North Carolina. Tandem skydiving has allowed millions of first time skydivers without any experience to enjoy the unbelievable thrill safely and easily!

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Charlotte Skydiving School

Charlotte Skydiving School

Charlotte Skydiving School dropzones provide two method of beginning on the path to sky dive certification, Accelerated Freefall (AFF) and Tandem Progression, making certain that you are enrolled in the curriculum that is right for you. Whether you want to become a solo skydiver or are interested in a career in sky diving, Charlotte Skydiving School can assist you!

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Charlotte Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving Gift Certificates

Awesome for holiday gifts, birthdays or anniversaries, Skydiving Over Charlotte Gift Vouchers can be ordered as a tandem sky dive, a solo course or one of the fantastic Charlotte Skydiving packages that Skydiving Over Charlotte offers. Gift Certificates are valid for 24 months from your purchase date and are fully transferable so that the recipient can always re-gift it!

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Get a Video of your Skydive in Charlotte!

Skydiving Videos Charlotte

Skydiving Over Charlotte sky diving centers have some of the most experienced aerial videographers in North Carolina to record every moment of the jump of your life! Many locations also use another unit, known as "handycam" or "GoPro", (a camera mounted on your Instructor's forearm) for a more affordable, persona video.

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Supposedly, the most intimidating part of a skydive is literally your first step outside of the aircraft right before you leap and start your descent from 10,000 feet in the air toward the earth. This may be true, but we guarantee that even if you find yourself terrified initially, it will be well worth it when you start your free fall and get a good look at the incredible landscape before you while you partake in the adventure of a lifetime. Skydiving over Charlotte, North Carolina is an amazing experience. You may get a glimpse of North Carolina’s Carowinds, Bank of America Stadium , home of the Panthers or Freedom Park. Get in touch with us to skydive in Charlotte today, 980-322-0557!

Come and join us for the most thrilling experience at Skydiving Over Charlotte - a high-flying, action-packed tandem skydiving adventure over North Carolina! A Tandem Skydive is a rare experience for many people. Skydiving Over Charlotte centers use airplanes and facilities that are designed to accommodate groups of any size - whether you are an individual or in a party of forty, we will guarantee that your sky dive experience is as momentous as possible. Bystanders are of course invited to come along and join in the excitement! Call 980-322-0557 and ask one of our Sky Diving Experts for more info and the best deals on our most popular packages!

There are over 775,000 people that reside in the great city of Charlotte, North Carloina, making it the largest city in the state of North Carolina and the 17th largest city in the entire United States. Charlotte is a major financial center, falling secon

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Through our training course you will learn with like-minded students and enjoy the excitement of high-altitude jumps. We have affiliate skydiving centers that are certified by the United States Parachuting Association (USPA), meaning they exclusively employ USPA-licensed instructional staff members along with cutting-edge, effective rigs each equipped with a sound Automatic Activation Device (AAD) to increase the safety of the jump.

Over 300 skydiving centers across the country operate more than 500 various airplanes. The Beechcraft twin engine and Cessna 208 Caravan are two common models used. Many skydiving centers use a Cessna 182 model for a smaller, more unique setting. Because we utilize only outstanding aircraft that is sanctioned by the FAA, our planes must go through a yearly inspection. Additionally, our pilots routinely examine and service their planes as a part of their own strict safety specifications. You can feel confident that your experience will be both thrilling and fun and accommodating of national safety regulations.

What is best for me? Tandem or Accelerated Freefall?

Our skydiving centers offer accelerated freefall and tandem skydiving. There is a calculable variation between the two in regards to instruction time and necessities.

With tandem skydiving your training is brief, merely around twenty minutes, meant to make certain that you know the proper handling of the chute and placement of your body throughout the jump. You will be tethered to a trained skydiver with the experience to respond to emergencies in the air and can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Accelerated Free Fall is far more training intensive, as it should be, granted you are going to be flying solo, with the exception of two instructors that stay close by all through to aid in your development of each technique. The AFF course contains 7-levels. These levels include many distinctive facets to prep you to skydive solo including, but not confined to, strengthening body positioning, 90-360 degree turns and tracking. The last step serves to verify your ability to make use of each factor to your benefit in fluid combination. If you successfully pass this last test to the complete satisfaction of your trainers, you've succeeded and can now call yourself a skilled skydiver!

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