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Whether you are seeking a tandem sky dive in charlotte or sky diving training in North Carolina, Skydiving Over Charlotte makes sure that you will have the time of your life! No other sky diving company provides more options for your skydive near charlotte, North Carolina!

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Tandem Skydiving in charlotte

Tandem Skydiving

If skydiving is on your 'bucket list' you need to check out tandem skydiving with us here at Skydiving Over Charlotte! Join us here at Skydiving Over Charlotte for the most incredible ways to experience the fun and elation of complete freefall skydiving over North Carolina. It's time to board the airplane and climb up to 2.5 miles for an experience that you will never forget.

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charlotte Skydiving School

Learn To Skydive

There are various ways to learn to skydive. At Skydiving Over Charlotte, our associate dropzones provide an AFF (Accelerated FreeFall) training procedure. Some of our affiliates offer training tandem jumps (Tandem Progression) that enable the pupil to obtain understanding and confidence with a jump master attached. Call Skydiving Over Charlotte right away to find out more about our skydive training courses available near charlotte.

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charlotte Skydiving Gift Certificates

Christmas Gift Certificates

The ultimate Christmas Gift for thrill-seekers! Skydiving Over Charlotte Gift Cards can be ordered as a tandem skydive, an advanced course or one of the fantastic charlotte Skydiving packages that Skydiving Over Charlotte can provide. Christmas Gift Certificates are good for 2 years from your purchase date and are on sale now at the best prices of the year! Call for discounts!

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Skydiving Video Packages charlotte

charlotte Skydiving Videos

Skydiving Over Charlotte partners have some of the most capable aerial videographers in North Carolina to capture every moment of the experience of your life! Many locations also use a different camera, a sports camera, (a camera mounted on your Tandem Master's forearm) for a lower cost, close-up video.

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Novices and veterans alike, Call 980-322-0557 Today!

Supposedly, the most intimidating part of a skydive is literally your first step outside of the aircraft right before you leap and start your descent from 10,000 feet in the air toward the earth. This may be true, but we guarantee that even if you find yourself terrified initially, it will be well worth it when you start your free fall and get a good look at the incredible landscape before you while you partake in the adventure of a lifetime. Skydiving over Charlotte, North Carolina is an amazing experience. You may get a glimpse of North Carolina’s Carowinds, Bank of America Stadium , home of the Panthers or Freedom Park. Get in touch with us to skydive in Charlotte today, 980-322-0557!

Come experience the unrivaled freedom and thrills of freefalling above the gorgeous surroundings over charlotte! Our team of skydiving experts will help you pick the perfect skydiving school for your first, or next, skydiving adventure! We specialize in providing individuals and teams of all sizes with bookings for the very best skydiving courses and special deals. Call us today to make your desires take flight!

There are over 775,000 people that reside in the great city of Charlotte, North Carloina, making it the largest city in the state of North Carolina and the 17th largest city in the entire United States. Charlotte is a major financial center, falling second only to New York in regards to assets. The East Coast operations of Wells Fargo, as well as the headquarters of Bank of America are both based in Charlotte, NC. If you are in town for a Carolina Panthers football game, or visiting the NASCAR Hall of Fame, give us a call to spice your trip up even more with a skydiving package above Charlotte!

The Perks of Skydiving

Even if you don't make it a regular occurrence, the jump lives on in your memories for many years to come. Whether you do it alone or with close friends, the rush of the experience lasts long after you're back on solid ground. The very best way to share these memories, aside from the regaling of your experience, is to capture them on video!

Skydiving Over Charlotte can provide a videographer that will record every minute of your first skydive, making memories that you can relive forever! No matter if you choose to have a video you can share or not, sky diving will certainly provide you with tales that you can share for the rest of your life.

It's an Adrenaline Junkie's Dream!

They say nothing can compare to jumping out of an airplane, and we absolutely agree. Adrenaline is an archaic byproduct of survival instinct. It dilates your pupils, tenses your muscles, and increases blood flow to the brain and the body's primary organs. Lots of people have the tendency to become addicted to the feeling of an adrenaline boost and skydiving is a viable way to satisfy that demand, especially since it is one of the safer forms of extreme sports activities.

Many people are tentative about skydiving because "it's scary", to which we reply "of course it is." However, think about it this way: everyone is at least a little bit timid about diving from a moving airplane but thousands of men and women each year jump with us, and boy are they happy they did. Here are a few things to consider

  • Our instructors are highly trained federally certified experts, so when you take a tandem dive with us, you'll be in great hands.
  • Though it might seem risky, skydiving really couldn't be more safe. You literally fell from the sky, and landed safely. You more than likely enjoyed yourself. This encourages a conscious realization that if you can fall from an airplane and survive, then maybe certain aspects of your life aren't as difficult as they may seem.
  • Facing your fears is a great way to discover what you're made of, are you going to rise to meet the challenge?

Skydiving Alleviates Stress!

Skydiving can have a cleansing effect on your psyche. When you're falling at 120 mph, flying towards earth, you couldn't focus on anything else if you wanted to. This gives you the crystal clear perspective needed to prioritize your thoughts and concerns.

Despite your concerns, gliding with your instructor miles over the ground will create an atmosphere of zen around you. It's the great equalizer, and it may aid your mental health by relieving the stress that frequently plagues your daily life.

It Provides a Multitude of Other Health Advantages

Aside from the positive effect on your mental health, skydiving benefits your health in other ways as well. Upper body strength is often enhanced as you carry your gear each day. You may also start to observe a subtle change in your demeanor and how you handle the choices you are confronted with. Almost instantly, you feel empowered to do anything you set your mind to, after all, you jumped out of a plane!

There is a vast amount of advantages skydiving can offer. Nevertheless, this extreme sport gives anyone, of the minimum age, an opportunity to skydive, so virtually anyone can have their lives improved (in the best ways possible) by skydiving.

Many people are reluctant to skydive, thinking that their family and friends may hold them back or assume that they are just crazy. However, this is an individual choice made by thousands every day. Do not let your own fears or the fears of others stop you from enjoying one of the best experiences you may have in your life, call us at 980-322-0557 today.

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