Is there an age limit to skydive in Charlotte?

The initial step is to endorse a waiver before your initial skydive. This is an officially binding contract, which means that everyone who skydives and authorizes the paperwork, has to be at the minimum 18 years old. This requirement applies to all of those skydiving in Charlotte, North Carolina and our other locations in the US.

How much does it cost to go skydiving?

How much money it costs to skydive depends upon the type of jump you reserve. If you want the most affordable option for skydiving in Charlotte, we suggest tandem skydiving. What you pay also depends upon current gas prices in addition to the season. To learn more about our pricing, please call us directly and let our professionals address your questions.

Is there a way to record the skydiving jump?

You bet! Skydiving Over Charlotte has video packages that will tape your entire skydiving experience, from plane ride to landing. Our network videographers will get a small interview with you right before boarding the airplane and during the plane ride to altitude. The videographer will jump out of the airplane with you and videotape your entire skydiving jump on videotape! The videographer will also land prior to you to ensure that your landing is recorded on tape, as well.

Are cameras permitted?

We encourage people to bring their own video cameras! Unfortunately, skydivers are not allowed to bring their own camera on the plane.

What height and speed will the airplane get to for the skydive?

The level of strong wind and the overall weather contribute in how high we'll climb for your dive. Most of the time, tandem skydives occur at a max elevation of 14,000 feet. Once you jump and are freefalling, you can expect to fall at a pace of 120 miles per hour!

Can a bunch of friends skydive simultaneously?

In most cases, we do our best to ensure you have the very best possible group to jump with. You might be able to jump together, but think about a few factors first. There is a very brief delay between you and each skydiver from the airplane, which means that you may not freefall and parachute ride at the same time. We will do our best to fulfill any request you and your group may have. There is a couple second delay in between each jumper so skydiving on the same plane load as your friends doesn't mean you will be next to them during the freefall and parachute ride. Some couples and groups would rather go on separate loads so they can observe their loved ones freefall and landing from the ground.

What if a friend or family member does not want to jump?

Family and friends are welcomed to come with you to see your skydiving experience even when they do not wish to dive themselves. Anyone that is not jumping will be invited to the viewing area for the full time you are jumping.